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Don't bother trying to send them emails to explain to them that you want to cancel the membership or threaten them to take legal actions against them.

Trust me, they have their way Be2 is a scam, don't ever ever believe them! And I would tell everyone around me that this be2 is a scam and not to fall into their loop hole. Which organization in Spore can we turn to for advice? Iam in singapore and facing the same problem as you.

I cancelled my card and they threaten now saying that they will send the Debit collection. Iam afraid it will affect my credit ratings in the fututre pleaseeeeeeeee somone help me.. I have also been threatened with debt collection from these guys and have has numerous unpleasant emails with them. So I live in Australia it's advertise for free subscribe but you don't see many pics and can not reaspond sometimes some photos are blurry and not true picture the biggest prob is I went profile click settings click premium it has date I sighned up but unable to cancel there is no button it should be easy to cancel I checked out other sites and they have a cancel button and send you e.

I encountered two of these, they both declared their love for me straight away and even asked for money!!! I wanted to cancel my membership straight away, and they wouldn't let me!. I would very much love to drag them through the courts and expose them on national TV!! Reading your message I am able to sleep. They have threatened me with collection agency, damage to my credit rating and legal action. The best part is that when I tried to cancel my account, my account was suspended.

Making it impossible to check. Magically a few days after the "renewal' my account was again accessible. I have deleted my profile, They sent me an email telling me that they would stop emails but the renewal would stand. They really expect to have renewals without a profile. Then threaten collection and legal action. Good luck with everyone getting out of their clutches. I'll be in taking them to court and going on some consumer awareness TV program. What is your result? Did you end up paying Be2 or not?

Can you please tell me what you did and what was the end result? No, I most certainly did not pay them. They have not provided a service, I made reasonable attempts to cancel this so called service.

They have no case. Even more interesting, the amount changes. Even the currency has changed.

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The address of the so called lawyers has also been different. I have decided to ignore any further correspondence from them. It's just another scam of theirs, just like their so called internet dating website. Merely deleting your profile does NOT cancel future billing. This message box only allows characters so you'll find a longer post from me about how to cancel on this persons blog http: I'm trying to spread the word.

You'll also find how to cancel in the "terms and conditions" at the bottom of the be2 webpage, section 9. Nev replied on Sep 18, Contact your Bank immediately to cancel the direct payments and ring your local law enforcement office who will help you get through to the right departments that deal with this kind of fraught.

Joh-Joh replied on Oct 10, Write a review Ask a question. Hello be2 I make mistake on this page so please I want to make cancellation and refund my payment. Has anyone been signed up to this service without your authorisation? Somehow they managed to get my card details and I have been signed up and charged but I have no way of contacting them because I have no details of the account.

BE2 - Unable to cancel subscription, Review | Complaints Board

Any assistance would be appreciated. The bank git it back but i had to order a new card - they only get your card number not your account number - but they are ruthless - zoosk is the best site Sam replied on Dec 23, How can I find out how to find my profile that I have paid for because I locked myself out off my account and I have forgotten my email address and password Monica M asked on Dec 08, Ive never heard of them before and I have no other correspondence from them, except a letter of demand from the collection agency.

What can I do?

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I thought these sites always demanded their money up front?? Nick Nick replied on Oct 27, Not this time Firstly replied on Oct 31, Academic Singles won't accept my pay card - what to do? I'd like some feedback from users in regards to this matter, the ACCC didn't seem to want to know about it, but basically said contact the authorities in the home country of the website.

Secondly, how is it allowed that a company like this with a proven track record of scamming users both young and old out of their hard earned money, knowing full well they will make their life hell through fine print and other tricky means that they can operate a '. Needs to be protections in place here i think. I will not pay for a service I have not used Christine replied on Nov 01, Hello, my friend has been scammed by Be2. She's in her 60s and isn't very tech-savy. Is there any Australian companies that can help when this happens? So far I am asking her to draft a termination email which I will get her to e-sign.

Then we will send a paper copy via registered post and fax to the address in Luxembourg, then cancel her card that the payment has been made from. Can anyone suggest anything I have missed here? She's pretty upset by the whole thing and as the resident 'Gen-y-er' I want to be able to help as best I can. Good luck Dont do it replied on May 18, Hi Guys, i have also been on the Be2. Hello, I wish I had read these reviews before I signed up.

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I signed up for a 6 month premium membership beginning on the 19th of May, I was unhappy with the site and found that it just wasn't for me. I had no control in who I wanted to contact, and a lot of the profilers I got were not my types. I cancelled my membership on 7th of July, 6 weeks after joining.

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I didn't pay for the second instalment of 3 months which was due on 19th of August. I have received an email from Be2 requesting payment.

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I wrote back to them saying I have already cancelled because I am unhappy with the service, and another email has come requesting payment due to the contractual agreement. Be2 are threatening to get the debt collectors involved Does anyone have any advice?

I thought that if you were not happy with the product or service you can cancelled with no more costs. There is no concern from Be2 over customer satisfaction. Take care vlf replied on Sep 22, Marcia marcia replied on Sep 22, Thanks God O was sign for 6 months but I decided to sign for one month, time to change your credit card, this website is crab and it should be banned from the Internet Mic Emma replied on Mar 20, Can someone please let me know how to delete my profile from this dating site.

I suspected something was funny 2 weeks after I joined 1 month ago as I have had 4 guys telling me the same thing.

Be2 Review January 12222

They all insisted on my email address too. I just got hooked by Be2 1 hour 15 minutes ago. I sent an email to them requesting return of my monies and rang Visa to cancel my card. I have been advised by Visa to ring my bank to see if I can cancel the payment however as this is a public holiday I don't know if tomorrow will be too late. Can anyone advise of Be2's mailing address or fax number so I have proof of cancellation and request for the return of my money?.

I feel a bloody fool getting caught like this. I should have read the reviews first!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too am having similar problems cancelling my be2 account and deductions. I've sent the fax requested and now an email, to which I received thew following automated reply. We have received your message and we will try to answer within three working days.