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The standardized L-Mount contact strip ensures smooth communication between the electronic components in the lens and the camera, including the possibility of firmware updates for lenses, in order to react to technical developments and thus ensure full performance in the future. All the optics of the different systems can be operated without restrictions and without adapters on all cameras — here is already one of the many advantages that customers have through the unified bayonet.

New Lenses, Canon RF and EF Lenses

In the near future, both the Leica CameraAG, as well as Panasonic and Sigma announce further products using the uniform standard. Panasonic would seem to be using a new mount for their full frame mirrorless. The L-Mount has an inner diameter of The two versions are mechanically and electronically compatible. A teaser image at l-mount.

EF 101 Series Videos

In particular the reduction of chromatic aberration is discussed and use of lighter lens elements. Note — this design is not short back focus, so EF or RF. A good question given the recent announcements. Thom Hogan has looked, and reasonably notes:.

My own decision move will come when a new RF only lens offers a feature I seriously need for my work or an EOS R body with significantly improved usefulness for me arrives. Sigma lens firmware updates [via CR ]. This firmware improves the AF speed in certain combinations with some cameras. It also corrects the phenomenon that abnormal images appear or operation errors occur when the function is enabled.

This firmware also improves the AF speed in certain combinations with some cameras. Anyway, there are mount longevity questions throughout the camera market and Thom Hogan has put together a good overview of potential changes [ TH ]. Regarding EOS R, after considering various things, it became such specification.

Of course, it does not mean not to put the camera shake compensation mechanism inside the body. We will select and judge the nature of the camera. There are some interesting bits to note in the article, such as the choice of 54mm mount diameter and 20mm flange distance as a balance between size and future system design.

One of the adapter devices also has it. A suggested list of products [ Nok ]. Currently they have lenses at 11mm and 15mm [ my Irix 15mm review ]. This new Noct lens that is currently in development will take advantage of the advanced design flexibility afforded by the Z mount, pursuing ultimate optical performance.

Rumours, news and patents for Canon Lenses and other lens info

Additionally, the goal is to achieve beautiful blur characteristics, or bokeh, with good continuity, and ensure outstanding point-image reproduction capabilities for more compelling, three-dimensional imaging. An interesting article at [ PR ] looks into the potential collapse of the group behind those reassuringly retro brands. The MOG site is still up with no sign of anything amiss. Taken on a recent helicopter trip, with the doors taken off ;-.

You can even see the car park where King Richard III was discovered, and the nearby cathedral where his remains were re-interred.

Canon EF lens chronology

As one of the few manual lenses available on the market, Irix lenses are equipped with an electronic AE system which not only allows the user to control the aperture from the camera, but also to record information on exposure parameters in EXIF format, the effect of which is the possibility of continuous software development of our lenses. We believe that photography should be a harmonious process, not a struggle. Users of previous versions of Adobe software can still download the appropriate correction profiles from www. There have been quite a few patents for long lenses, but the EF F5.

The second aperture stop is varied as the lens zooms and focuses. Perhaps time for my EF 50mm F1.

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For some this is a way of reducing depth of field, but my interest would be the wider angle it gives. Several new Canon lenses seen in regulatory filings [ Nok ]. Looks as if we have four more new lenses on the way this year.

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A new has been suggested, and it must be time for yet another Note that discontinued lenses may still be available and current listed lens may be in the process of being discontinued. Full specs and info in the Updated Canon F2. Following on from my TS-E50mm F2.

Still a very good lens — time to see just how good, on the 5Ds. It made the TS-E lens so much easier to level and set up. Definitely one for my Christmas list…. My suspicion is that if you eventually want to make top-end mirrorless cameras with lenses better than the current best EF models you need a wider opening than EF-M provides. Each time I pick up one of the Sony mirrorless cameras I still find them a tad too small for comfort. That said… Sony, if you still want to convince me otherwise, you do know our address ;-.

It should be no more than times a month, and for rumour fans will have a brief note about any significant stuff we hear.

Determining the Age of a Canon Lens Using Serial Numbers and Date Codes

With a max 1x magnification it features electronic aperture. Yuongnuo 60mm F2 Macro. Of course, these are just examples using the DO element, but may yet point to something interesting.

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This one looks at changing the number of data words communicated in messages. This matters because in rapid shooting and live-view, the existing data exchange protocols take too long. It also lets a lens communicate a large amount of data to a body quickly when first attached. An example of this would be custom lens aberration and calibration data, related to the actual lens you are using. It looks as if my excellent EF15mm F2. A Canon patent application [ mirrorless page ] looks at a new mount adapter design that can be swapped out for different lens mounts.

That and it will give nice 10 pointed stars to point light sources… interesting to see if this actually appears and how it works in practice. A US Canon patent application looks at improved control of chromatic aberration and field curvature. A popular focal length, the 20mm lens delivers exceptional optical performance in a compact form factor. With the introduction of this new lens, Canon further enhances its EF Cinema Lens family to meet a diverse range of cinematic and video-production needs, further contributing to the world of cinematography. Canon is excited to see the projects our users create with this lens and Canon Cinema cameras.

The new CN-E20mm T1. In addition, the blade aperture diaphragm alongside a T number1 of 1. With the introduction of the CN-E20mm T1. This expansive line of lenses provides cinematographers with even more options to choose from, which can support enhanced content creation for a variety of uses and shooting scenarios. For more information please visit usa. The advances in lens technology are notable. In addition, we used high refractive index glass for the positive lens, which is essential to improve image plane characteristics. In this lens, axial chromatic aberration and image plane characteristics are favourably corrected through the optimal arrangement of glass, having both high refractive index and anomalous dispersion characteristics….

Well it appears that a lot of patents have more than enough detail to set up an optical bench model.

Canon EF-S 35mm f2.8 Macro IS STM Camera Lens - Review

I was interested in his suggestion that given the choice, his aim was for optical quality over lightness — one of the more open and informative camera industry CEOs. Probably more than you wanted to know about the construction of IS units in lenses in two Canon US patent applications [ 1 , 2 ]. I get to see a lot of camera gadgets, and not many get such a quick promotion to my camera bag ;-. Some short telephoto primes in a new Japanese patent application [via CN ].

A patent app last year showed a mirror lens with a variable electronic ND filter in it. A compound changes its optical properties in response to an applied electrical signal via transparent electrodes. One of the issues is avoiding colour shift as the density is changed, whilst the chemical mix of the inner filtering layer sets the overall transmission spectral response.

You may remember that the was first mentioned in Feb , but not formally announced until May A US patent from last January [ Jan 7th here ] includes a similar diagram, although in the context of a lens adapter with tilt and shift. To age a Canon lens using the digital serial number, we dissect the serial number as follows:. The DD is the key to the date the lens was manufactured - the production date code. The Canon lens date code chart is shown below. These dates should be viewed as approximations and should be used for your amusement as the estimates are not guaranteed correct.

Please send any discrepancies you find. Canon has been using this number to indicate lenses needing specific service-related updates such as firmware. The remaining digits in the serial number, SSSSSSS , are a uniquely-identifying number of the lens — likely within the production month. Please note that, while the overall chart is holding out nicely with the lenses we've checked including several late models , it is a work-in-process. In part, the numbers might be shifted by a month or so.

Canon EF lens mount - Wikipedia

Again, please send us any discrepancies you find. Special thanks go out to friend-of-the-site Norbert for his role in the development of this chart. To determine the age of a predigit serial number Canon lens bearing a date code. Until phasing out the practice starting in , Canon included a date code beside the rear lens element of many but not all lenses note that some manufactured lenses retain the date code. The date code as seen below is in the form of " UR ".

This code is also present on some other Canon products including camera bodies. The first letter, "U" , indicates that the lens was made in Canon's Utsunomiya, Japan factory.