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  1. Dating an Extrovert Woman as an Introvert: Tips and Advice
  2. Learning Intimacy
  3. An Introvert’s Guide to Dating an Extrovert

Read on to discover her tips for making the most out of this type of relationship.

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Technically, the difference between introverts and extroverts lies in where they get their energy. Introverts feel more energized after spending time alone doing activities such as reading, creating, or simply spending time in their own space. Conversely, extroverts gain energy from being around people in social settings. This means that introverts naturally need more physical, mental, and emotional space than extroverts do.

We all know people who choose quality over quantity when it comes to their words. But that's the lame start. Reading the previous points, you may have come to the realization about the differences between the introverts and extroverts. The main point is to show that you can be a party goer from time to time, but make it absolutely clear to your extroverted partner that you are an introvert. So, engage only in those activities that you are truly interested in.

You are a movie geek and you enjoy discussing movies? If the word "picnic" means being stuck somewhere in the park with a bunch of people and getting bored to death, don't accept the invitation. That's how to date an extrovert woman, by letting her know that you are an introvert from the very start. Engaging into activities that interest you shows that you are interested in something that your extroverted partner offers, but you are not going to engage into something which is definitely not your cup of tea.

An introvert is a person who likes keeping everything to himself.

So, while the openness of your extroverted girlfriend may frustrate you, your eremitic way of life frustrates her as well. Sometimes it feels for her that you are not serious about your intentions and that you are not really in love with her. You need to be open about yourself with your partner to show her that you are ready to let her into your world. Explain that you don't feel well without having some alone time.

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  • Without any explanation your alone time would lead your extroverted partner to think the worse. Don't be afraid to look silly. If you need some alone time, just be straightforward about it. Denying your partner an explanation would only lead to suspicions. So, if you need some solitude, just settle the matter straight. The main problem of relationships between extroverts and introverts is that they have absolutely different lifestyles. Your life may be a complete routine with only job and some home duties.

    Your extroverted girlfriend is more likely to have a lively lifestyle and her work would reflect that. She may have a lot of after work duties. Her work may involve a lot of traveling or having dinners with clients.


    Needless to say that it may start bugging you at a certain stage of your relationship. You don't always find a logical explanation to that.

    Dating an Extrovert Woman as an Introvert: Tips and Advice

    You start thinking that she's trying her best to avoid you and that's why she is always absent. You may even start asking yourself whether an introvert should date an extrovert. And that's why it is extremely important for you to make sure that you have your own life. Not that you need to acquire your partner's lifestyle, but you need to have some other activities. Just find some activities that will fit in with your personality. That won't make you feel upset and bored when you are apart from your girlfriend. As an introvert, you need some alone-time, so make sure that you have some quality alone-time.

    Learning Intimacy

    While it may seem to you that you already know everything about relationships between introverts and extroverts, but something is still missing. You don't feel like you are getting an answer to the question "Can an introvert date an extrovert? Yep, there are other rules that you need to learn in order to make your introvert-extrovert relationship work. So, check them out. You need to be patient.

    It is easy for an introvert to go crazy in a relationship with an extrovert. A lot of devotion to their friends.

    Introvert Dating An Extrovert? Here’s How To Make It Work

    Seemingly lacking attention for long conversations with you. Still, you need to be patient and you need to be understanding. Keep calm and try to figure out whether your extroverted partner doesn't love you or it's just something on your mind? Yes, extrovert's lifestyle may easily irritate you, but you need to respect your partner's rights. You should try making friends with his friends.

    You should try acquiring a more social lifestyle. Managing your tendencies so you can thrive in your relationship. This is so me.

    An Introvert’s Guide to Dating an Extrovert

    I think communication as it seems to be with everything in a relationship is so key, once I explained to him how I was feeling and why I got super crabby at certain events we found ways to compromise that suited us both a lot better. I so, so understand and appreciate this post. Because your money is somewhat joined, so that can often make for difficult conversations when your extrovert partner spends money on social activities.

    This was so good to read!

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    • My boyfriend is very, very introverted, whereas I am pretty introverted but tend to act like an extrovert for a few hours if required. Such a great post! Last year I took a MBTI personality test, and it helped me solidify a ton about myself and the relationships I have with others. Set up various styles, texts, FX, transitions from the product food selection as well as enjoy the editing in a gallery and you could conserve that edited video.

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